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Looking for the right daycare for your child can be a daunting task!  We try to make the experience a little easier by sharing feedback from other parents who have trusted us with their little ones.  Read on to see what parents in Cochrane have to say about our licensed day home.  Later on, once your child has enjoyed True To You, we invite you to share your experience with other parents by leaving a review for us here.  Your feedback can help other parents looking for a trustworthy daycare.

Kelly is amazing and exceptionally nurturing, so my boys feel safe and loved and are learning new things every day. I can see the effect that her enriching style of teaching has had on both of them. I would highly recommend True to You Montessori! I am so grateful that we found this gem of a day home in Cochrane!

True to You has been a blessing for our entire family. My four year old absolutely loves going to this school. Mrs. Kelly has a warm and loving approach to learning. My daughter went from crying every time I dropped her off at her previous daycare to crying because she doesn’t want to go home. She is learning so much!

I love how she comes home so excited to share all of the fun things she has learned. The classroom is small and all of the children get one on one learning with Mrs. Kelly each day. Her lesson plan is very clear, and her play based learning is setting her up for success. Thank you Mrs. Kelly for all of your hard work.

If you are looking for an honest, natural, bright, funny, inspired person, do not look further. Mrs. Kelly is an amazing person and you won't regret taking your kid(s) there. The whole family is super wonderful.

Kelly, thank you so much for being there for our little one, she comes home full of joy every day and brightens up our days too. You are an amazing fit for little ones, teaching them all aspects of life. Thank you once again! Cheers

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“Mrs. Kelly is a natural with children, she makes everyone feel welcome in her home and her communication with children is absolutely outstanding. Mrs. Kelly has all the natural ability and skill to empower, encourage, and teach the children in her care.

She lets every child in her care know that they are wonderful, capable, and that she believes in them. Mrs. Kelly’s classroom is an inspiring place to be and I would recommend her school to any family!”

Looking for a good daycare? True To You is a licensed Montessori day home.

what parents say

A wonderful day home. The operators are patient and caring, and our child would often be happy not to come home. It feels like an extension of the family home, except with many siblings (classmates). The children spend lots of time outdoors, are regularly engaged in learning activities, and seem to be building strong bonds with each other. Very recommended.

My wife and I, and especially our daughter, love Mrs. Kelly! Our daughter used to hate going to her old daycare but since switching to True To You, she loves going and can’t wait to go again the next day! Mrs. Kelly has such a fun way of teaching, our daughter just loves working through all the different lessons and gets lots of one on one time with Kelly as well as lots of time out side to explore the world.

Kelly is kind, compassionate, and consistent in her care of children. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in every child, in an environment rich with opportunities to learn and grow.

True To You Montessori Dayhome is a wonderful daycare facility that I highly recommend to any parent looking for a safe and nurturing environment for their child. Miss Kelly is highly trained and dedicated to the well-being of each child in her care, and the facility is clean, bright, and inviting.

One of the things I love about True To You Montessori Dayhome is their commitment to the Montessori method of education. Miss Kelly use a hands-on, child-centered approach that encourages children to explore and learn at their own pace. This approach fosters independence, creativity, and a love of learning that will serve children well throughout their lives.

Miss Kelly at True To You Montessori Dayhome is also very attentive to the individual needs of each child. She takes the time to get to know each child and works with parents to develop personalized plans for their child's growth and development. This level of individual attention is rare in many daycare facilities and is a testament to the caring and professional nature of Miss Kelly.

parent feedback

“I met Kelly as a parent of a student at our preschool. I instantly was aware of how loving and patient she was with her son.

As I got to know her better, I was in awe of the enormous amount of patience, kindness and empathy she exuded. Any child would be lucky to be in her daycare and would be nurtured emotionally, physically and educationally.”


what teachers say

Kelly is kind, caring, and a natural nurturer. She has devoted herself to learning the Montessori philosophy and how to follow the child's natural development.

As a Montessori teacher and mother, I have observed her passion for learning and dedication to providing children with an environment that helps them thrive in every way. Any child would be lucky to have her as a teacher.

Remember, True To You is a licensed day home.  That means we operate under regular government supervision.  Your childcare provider has passed Early Childhood Educator Level 1 and CPR Level 3.  She is also trained in providing a Montessori education to your children so they are prepared to enter Grade 1.  We are limited to accepting 6 full-time students so you can be assured your little one will receive plenty of one-on-one attention that they might not receive in larger daycares.  If you are satisfied with the parent feedback you have seen, you can visit our enrolment page to get started.